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Stay Wild Moonchild Ritual Candle

Stay Wild Moonchild Ritual Candle

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This Ritual Candle is to encourage grounding, banishing insecurities, removing blockages and negativity.

Before you light your candle remember to enter into rituals with a clear mind and an open heart. If you feel negative thoughts arising, simply ask your mind to ground back into the present moment and to wash away worry, focusing only on the moment at hand.

As you light your candle think or say “I release the thoughts that no longer serve me from reaching my highest potential. I call in earth energy as I ground my body and soul. I remove all blockages including limiting beliefs, fear and people pleasing. I , now enforce healthy & positive boundaries for this new time in my life.
Fragrance composition:
Orange, Vetiver, cedarwood & Amber
Crystal Selection:
Smoky Quartz - This dark and mysterious crystal is a powerful one with many uses and healing benefits. If you are someone who struggles to release old patterns, thoughts, emotions and beliefs then this is the crystal for you. It is known to draw pure light energy from the crown chakra into the root chakra, helping you ground into the earth.
Clear Quartz - Strengthens the intentions set and acts as an amplifier for other crystals
10 oz
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