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Soul's Too Lit to Give a Sh*t Ritual Oil

Soul's Too Lit to Give a Sh*t Ritual Oil

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Formulated to leave a silky, smooth feel on the skin

~Paraben Free

~Alcohol Free

~Pthalate free

Rituals on the go! Use this roll on at any time throughout the day to further align you to your manifestation goals. This roll on is designed to encourage peace and tranquillity.

Fragrance composition:

Lavender, Vanilla, Rose

Crystal Selection: Amethyst

Natural sleep aid, stress relief, soothes irritability dispels anger and grief

Violet promotes harmony of the mind and the emotions, contributing to mental balance and stability, peace of mind, a link between the spiritual and the physical worlds, between thought and activity. Violet and purple support the practice of meditation.

10 ml

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