Sleigh All Day

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This candle embodies the spirit of the holiday season with its elegant design and festive scent topped with a beautifully decorated wax snowflake. As the snowflake shimmers, you’ll feel like you’re watching fresh snow fall on a beautiful winter day.

Once lit, the candle fills the air with a divine aroma. Top notes of bergamot and Anjou pear create a refreshing scent that's sweet and slightly tangy. Middle notes of juniper berries give it a woody, evergreen undertone. Base notes of balsam and amber warm the heart and soothe the senses.

Adding to it’s allure is a wood crackling wick that creates a comforting sound, akin to a wood-burning fireplace. It's not just a candle, it's a full sensory experience.

“Sleigh All Day” makes for a wonderful gift or a delightful addition to your own holiday decor.

Let the flicker of the flame, the pleasant sound, and the lovely scent turn your home into a holiday wonderland. This is truly a candle that brings joy to the senses and peace to the mind.