Festive AF

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Celebrate the holiday season with our Festive AF holiday candle.

Expertly blended to fill your space with an enchanting aroma, our candle delivers a balanced combination of refreshing cranberry and apple, enveloped with a comforting blend of Siberian fir and white musk. Each scent is meticulously selected to evoke a nostalgic, festive experience that brings to mind joyous moments spent with loved ones during the holidays.

The fragrance opens up with the tangy yet sweet scent of cranberries and apple, perfectly matched by the earthy whiff of pine and Siberian fir. These base notes provide a lasting warmth that's gracefully concluded by a whisper of soothing white musk.

This beautifully scented candle truly sets the stage for an unforgettable holiday season. Buy it now and let your senses be embraced by its comforting scent!

Adding to it’s allure is a wood crackling wick that creates a comforting sound, akin to a wood-burning fireplace. It's not just a candle, it's a full sensory experience.