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Eucalyptus and Blue Sage

Eucalyptus and Blue Sage

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Close relative of white sage, blue sage is also suitable for purification rituals. Its calming scent can be used to aid meditation or burned simply for pleasure. It is not as pungent as white sage and is more pleasant for those who find the strong, invigorating scent of white sage too overpowering. Blended with eucalyptus, these sticks will give any room a relaxing, spa-like feel.


Open the window(s) and light the end of the packet until it ignites. After a few seconds of burning, blow out the packet so that only smoke remains. Paint the air with fragrant smoke as you move from corner to corner. Allow the ashes to accumulate in a fireproof holder and extinguish your smudge stick by dabbing the lit end into the holder. Each pack can be relighted several times.

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