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Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

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due to supply chain issues these candles will be poured in the same glass as Dragonfruit Margarita (see last photo for reference) 

Step into the warm ambiance of a sophisticated lounge with our Espresso Martini candle from our exclusive Cocktail Hour Collection. Designed to mimic the captivating aroma of a classic Espresso Martini, this 8 oz candle infuses the fragrant blend of dark roast coffee, sweet hazelnut, and creamy notes into your living space.

This limited edition, handcrafted candle has been thoughtfully created in a lavish cocktail glass that brings an opulent touch to any home decor, serving as both an elegant fragrance vessel and a decorative piece.

Imbued with aromatic allure and aesthetic appeal, the Espresso Martini candle adds a fresh, inviting fragrance to your home, ensuring every corner feels cozy, comforting, and exudes subtle sophistication. Light it up and let the exquisite scent take you on a sensory journey to a plush coffeehouse, any time of the day.


Note: For the optimal fragrance experience, allow the candle to burn for at least two hours on first use. As each candle is hand-poured, color and appearance may slightly vary.

Own this piece of luxurious ambiance enhancer before it goes out of stock. A fantastic gift for your coffee-loving friends or for treating yourself. 


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