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Bad Vibes Don't Go With My Outfit Mist

Bad Vibes Don't Go With My Outfit Mist

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Bad vibes don't go with outfit 🖤

New & improved formula

Formulated to leave a silky, smooth feel on the skin.

~Paraben Free

~Alcohol Free

Use this spray during meditation by misting in your room, on your Altar or use as a body spray. Bad vibes don't go with my outfit mist is designed to encourage protection, healing, clearing and cleansing

Fragrance composition:
Blue Sage, Cuban Tobacco, Sweetgrass, Sandalwood
Crystal Selection:
Black Tourmaline: Bringer of protection, emotional stability and protection from EMF

The color black creates a barrier between itself and the outside world, providing comfort while protecting its emotions and feelings, and hiding its vulnerabilities, insecurities and lack of self confidence. Black also absorbs negative energy.

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