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Bad & Boozy Room Spray

Bad & Boozy Room Spray

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Holiday Collection Room sprays are an essential addition to any home, particularly during the holiday season.

Instantly fill your space with festive fragrances that make your home smell like Christmas, bringing a delightful, cheerful ambiance.

These sprays can help mask any unwanted odors from cooking or pets quickly, ensuring your home always smells fresh and clean. They can be a quick fix, particularly when you have unexpected guests dropping by.

Room sprays are extremely portable and versatile and can be used not only in living rooms but also in bathrooms, bedrooms, or any part of your house, including non-porous surfaces like curtains and carpets. Our Holiday Collection Room Sprays can elevate the festive atmosphere and bring the joyous spirit of Christmas into every corner of your home.

Dear Santa, Define Nice

With notes of sweet Peppermint, rich Vanilla, and decadent Butter, this premium-quality fragrance offers an incredibly comforting and indulgent aroma. Fill your home with a delightful warmth that's reminiscent of a joyous Christmas morning.

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